Patchouli, Frankincense, Vetiver, Sage & Lavender

Velvet Barstool - Candle

Pure Rapeseed Wax & Essential Oil Scented Candle. 60 hour Burn Time 272g (9.6oz)

Sat in your favourite bar, people-watching with the sound of the ice rattling around the cocktail shaker. There's a dusky aroma that goes so perfectly with the relaxed luxuriant atmosphere of the space. Let's stay here for a while.

Whether you're indulging in a weekend away, or a spur-of-the-moment evening out after work, or a special dinner out, finding yourself sipping a perfectly made cocktail in a velvet-clad hotel bar is peace like no other.

Jake and Dan both have fond memories of sitting in trendy West London bars. Putting the world to rights while sipping perfectly made Manhattans and appreciating the rich yet peaceful scent in the air.

This scent is inspired by the desire to return to your places, which we are all starting to do again.

 Head Notes 

The scent starts off with the soft yet sweet-herbaceous Croatian wild-crafted Dalmatian Sage mixed with the steam­ distilling Lavender that gives you a relaxing aromatic herby floral touch.

Heart Notes 

The heart of this scent is rich and woody. Wild grown Patchouli gives you a musky-earthy scent with a rich floral heart. Then the Indian Frankincense Carteri gives you a green woody aroma with spicy undertones.

Foot Notes 

This scent sits on the relaxing scent of the oil distilled from thick white root systems of vetiver grass with its calming sweet accents backed up by the smokey richness finish.