Neroli, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Palmarosa & Vetiver

Euphoria - April's Art For The Nose Limited Edition

  • £32.00
  • £32.00

Pure Rapeseed Wax & Essential Oil Scented Candle. 60 hour Burn Time 272g (9.6oz)

April’s Limited editions. Only 50 available. 

Our first Art For The Nose 1/50, this is a collection of limited edition scents leaning into the olfactory art side of our practice. Each scent will explore a feeling or philosophy we have been thinking about and will have its own unique artwork. Each one of these candles will be hand numbered and limited to only 50 units. 

“You're warm and tingly. You are with a group of people you love and you don't want this moment to end. We all have these memories and hope to make many more.” 

Inspired by many good nights out Jake & Dan have shared over the years. 

Head notes 

Wild crafted steam distilled Palmarosa from the leaves of a slender rose starts this scent off with a slightly sweet wild aroma. This is joined by the bright floral aroma of Neroli that comes from hand-picked orange blossom. Both of these together create a slightly citrus start to this scent. 

Heart notes 

At the heart of this fragrance you have a  rich and woody wild-grown Patchouli that gives you a rich musky-earthy scent.

Foot notes 

This scent finishes with bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone that comes from wild-harvested Paraguayan Petitgrain oil, derived from the bark of a bitter orange tree. Backed by the smokey richness of Vetiver.