Tangerine, Juniper, Black Peper, Oregano & Thyme

First Sip - Candle

  • £31.99

Currently only available in Medium Size

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, you are sitting in a little seaside cafe after a long family walk with the dogs. The scent of Earl Grey and herbal teas fill the air. The excitement is building for your first sip from the teapot in front of you. 

Lazy days best friends. The house is a mess and you have last-minute guests coming round in an hour. You are running around to tidy, Light a First Sip candle and allow us to clean the air and brighten up your space. 

If you were a fan of our scents "Daydreaming at the Saltram Orangery" or "Refresh", this is the scent for you. 

Head Notes 

This scent starts with the fresh, cleansing and relaxing scent of Tangerine peel. Join by Himalayan juniper berry with its clean, woody, spicy, and slightly reminiscent of balsamic vinegar that builds the complex citrus part of this scent.

Heart Notes 

The centre of this fragrance is built around herms. With the unmistakable scent of warm herbaceous sharpness of Spanish Oregano & fresh wildcrafted Red Thyme. 

Foot Notes 

It finishes with the sharp but warming scent of Black Pepper.