Our Story

McKinley & Paget was founded on a sofa one evening in late 2015.
With a glass of wine in one hand and yet another disappointing candle in the other, Jake Paget was at a loss. He and Daniel McKinley faced a challenge: a gift for a good friend's birthday. It should have been so simple: she likes candles, good design and natural things, so a plant-based candle that didn't look and smell terrible would have been ideal. The trouble was that just didn't seem to exist. Anywhere.
Thus began their fragrance journey. Putting the wine down (momentarily) and putting their design backgrounds to good use, Daniel and Jake took it upon themselves to just make one. It went down a treat, and soon they were being asked to make more, and more.
Eventually came an invite to sell them at a Christmas market. Now, we don't know exactly who said it but either Jake or Dan absolutely did remark "imagine if this became our jobs..."
Five years on they now offer a range of high-quality natural home and personal fragrance that they produce by hand in London keeping in mind always “how can we make this more sustainable?”.
They make everything so they, and you, know exactly what’s in it. No technical doublespeak, no greenwashing, just the truth printed right on the packaging.