Patchouli, Petitgrain, Frankincense, Benzoin & Pimento

Time To Relax - Candle

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Only available in Medium Size

Sometimes winter can be overwhelming and you need to take a step back. Wrap up warm in front of the fire, and treat yourself to the champagne & chocolates you were saving for the holiday party. 

This scent is all about being warm, relaxed and pampering yourself. Light this and allow indulgence to wash over you.

If you were a fan of our scent Midnight Down in Olivers Bar this is the one for you. 

 Head Notes 

This scent starts with the fruity spice of Pimento Berry mixed steam distilled Benzoin from the gum Benjamin tree, native to Indonesia. Its aroma is a treat for the senses, with notes of vanilla and hints of cinnamon with a glimmer of a balsamic undertone.

Heart Notes 

The heart of this scent is rich and woody. Wild-grown Patchouli gives you a musky-earthy scent with a rich floral heart. Then the Indian Frankincense Carteri gives you a green woody aroma with spicy undertones.

Foot Notes 

This scent sits on the bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone that comes from wild-harvested Paraguayan Petitgrain oil, derived from the bark of a bitter orange tree.