Black Spruce, Juniper, Grapefruit & Cedarwood

Last Night Was Fun - May's Art For The Nose Limited Edition

  • £32.00
  • £32.00

Pure Rapeseed Wax & Essential Oil Scented Candle. 60 hour Burn Time 272g (9.6oz)

May's Limited editions. Only 50 available. 

Our second Art For The Nose 1/50, this is a collection of limited edition scents leaning into the olfactory art side of our practice. Each scent will explore a feeling or philosophy we have been thinking about and will have its own unique artwork. Each one of these candles will be hand numbered and limited to only 50 units. 

Inspired by Jake's 30th birthday party. Well the morning after.

" A smidge of a headache and a couple of wine stains on your new shirt but you have a large smile beaming across your face. You had the best night with your friends and family."

Head notes 

Black Spruce with a fresh-balsamic, oily-sweet coniferous aroma, with a fruity-resinous undertone. Similar to the top notes of a good wine.

Heart notes 

Himalayan juniper berry with its clean, woody, spicy, and slightly reminiscent of balsamic vinegar and fresh, fruity and uplifting grapefruit builds the complex citrus part of this scent and adds the fresh wine like quality.

Foot notes 

To close this scent is Cedarwood with their sweet woody earthy tones