Amongst the Blossom in Blenheim Gardens


As creatives, our co-founders are well acquainted with creative block... and procrastination. Walking has always been Dan’s go-to for inspiration. When studying at Westminster University he started visiting Blenheim Palace Gardens.

When they first sat down in 2015 to create a floral scent, Daniel described his memories of Blenheim as: “You're walking amongst the flower beds on a bright spring afternoon, brushing past the roses with the smell of cut grass in the air. The lavender is just coming in to bloom and the freshness of spring is finally coming into its own.”

This scent has been reworked a lot since it first came on the scene in 2015 as The Evening Candle. Our 2020 version is our best yet.

Head Notes 

Fresh & bright Lavender with a soft herbaceous smell that reminds of the natural scent of flowering lavender. Our lavender oil is created by steam distilling the flower heads of Bulgarian lavender. Followed up by the grassy fun floral of Palmarosa (also known as Indian Geranium) that has been selectively wild-crafted from Palm Rose Grasses, this scent takes you to the feckless days of spring. 

Heart Notes 

In the centre of this fragrance, you have the sweet floral of Rose Geranium, with the top note of classic yet calm Rose and a heart of herbaceous Geranium. The bright fun floral spice comes from the hand-picked American Pink Pepper oil. 

Foot Notes

The Tuberose Absolute Essential Oil is what holds this fragrance with its spicy & warming floral presence. The Tuberose is backed up by mood-balancing Rosewood with its fantastic warm and woody scent, while at the same time being both floral and fruit.