Citronella, Lavender, Thyme, Lemongrass, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Palmarosa, Cedar.

Outdoor - Citronella Candle

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Currently only available in Medium (60hr Burn Time) size.

Citronella, Lavender, Thyme, Lemongrass, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Palmarosa, Cedar.

For Pests

Fed up of being bitten to death in the garden or harassed by curious creepy crawlies? We are. That's why since 2016 we have made variations of our famous Outdoor Candle that is always focused around the power of Citronella. 

'Repel' is focused on not just the practical elements but smelling great too. A carefully balanced floral citrus scent that are said to ward off the unwanted guest and takes you back laidback sunny days we all hold dear.  


Citronella: Known to repel flying insects, uplifts negative moods and relaxes the body and mind.

Lavender: Is very fragrant and mosquitoes do not like the smell so they will avoid it at all costs.

 Thyme: Because of the monoterpenes present in Thyme it has a 91% protection rate against mosquitoes.

 Lemongrass: Helps to repel mosquitoes, fleas, fruit flies, and moths.

 Geranium: Repels many bugs, and is also known to be an extremely potent tick repellent.

 Sweet Orange: Has a 90 to 95% content of limonene, which is lethal to fleas, fire ants, flies and many other insects.

 Palmarosa: Known as a rich source of geraniol a compound that acts as a repellent for mosquitoes, flies and spiders.

Cedar: Upsets the pheromones of insects which disorients them.


Head Notes 

A Balanced citrus scent, slightly softer than lemon and with gentle woody tones, is created by using Sri Lankan Citronella, bright Lemongrass and rounded off by zesty Sweet Orange oil, Cold pressed from the fresh orange peel. 


Heart Notes

Fresh & bright Lavender with a soft herbaceous smell that reminds of the natural scent of flowering lavender. Our lavender oil is created by steam distilling the flower heads of Bulgarian lavender. Followed up by the grassy fun floral of Palmarosa (also known as Indian Geranium) that has been selectively wild-crafted from Palm Rose Grasses, this scent takes you to the feckless days of spring. Supported by the sweet floral Geranium, with a fresh floral nose and a herbaceous heart. 


Foot Notes

The word ‘thyme’ is derived from the Greek word ‘thymos’ which means perfume and it lives up to its name. This distinctive herbaceous aroma that is wild-crafted from the perennial thyme shrub helps bring this scent together with help of  Steam distilled cedarwood that has an enchanting fragrance; sweet and woody for feelings of calm and comfort.