Rosewood, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood & Amber.

Midnight Down in Oliver’s Bar - Ceramic Candle

These beautiful hand-thrown ceramic votives contain a 400g double-wick candle burning up to 120 hours (the same as our standard Large size). Made in collaboration with South-London ceramicist Bansheeplum, the custom glazes were developed to closely match our collection colours. 

With reusability in mind, the votives are dishwasher friendly and food safe. After their first life as a candle, you can fill them with anything you like - including a fresh candle and we will soon be releasing refill packs for this very purpose.

Midnight Down in Oliver’s Bar

Rosewood, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood & Amber.

“It's 1 AM you're in a basement jazz bar, a five-piece jazz band is playing as you finish your 5th or 6th Martini and the scent of Patchouli is drifted through the air. The dark woody space feels like home.”

Ever since Jake went to Goldsmith University campus-based in South East London and Dan was based in North London. Jake & Dan found it difficult during busy periods to find time to hangout. Jazz bars became a great meeting point for the two friends. This is how they stumbled across Oliver's basement Jazz bar in Greenwich.

One night after Oliver's Jake slept so well and that wasn't normal for him. He found the Patchouli very relaxing and he was interested in what essential oils would help with sleep but were not too sweet. That's when they discovered Rosewood, a woody yet lightly floral scent that works as a powerful natural antidepressant

Head Notes 

Here you have a citrusy note with a bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone that comes from wild-harvested Paraguayan Petitgrain oil (Petitgrain oil is the bark of a bitter orange tree). This is paired with the deep woody scent of Sandalwood to create a light tobacco fragrance.

Heart Notes 

The whole fragrance is based on the perfect blend of intoxicating dark and musky-earthy aroma of Indonesian Patchouli with the calming warm, woody Rosewood that has a fruity floral note that helps round off the heart of this fragrance. 

Foot Notes 

At the end of this scent, you are met with a sweet warming musky richness of the honey-like Amber.