Cardamon, Fennel, Sage and Pimento 

Late Checkout - Candle

Pure Rapeseed Wax & Essential Oil Scented Candle. 60 hour Burn Time 272g (9.6oz)

That feeling when you have a few extra hours in the perfect hotel. You run a mid-morning bath, use too much luxury bubble bath, have a mini bottle of champagne. Enjoy that true moment of relaxation. 

Inspired by our 2017 scent Hazlitt's Bath. The cult following this scent still has. The emails & DM's have been answered and this has come back with style. Our most luxurious scent yet. 

Head Notes 

The scent starts off with the soft yet sweet spice and woody undertones of French Fennel and is round off by herbaceous Croatian wild-crafted Dalmatian Sage.

Heart Notes 

The aromatic spice of Sri Lankan Cardamom grounds this scent with warmth.

Foot Notes 

This scent ends with the fruity spice of Pimento Berry from the West Indies