Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Benzoin & Black Spruce

Cricket on the Hearth - Candle

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Settled into your favourite chair in front of an open fire, wrapped in a blanket. The warm, woody scent of comfort washes over you. You know you're where you are meant to be and you feel lucky to be here. 

This scent is all about feeling safe and comfortable. We all have childhood memories of when we felt in a moment, this is the right place. For Jake, this was at his Great Aunt’s (technically Great Great Aunt but who’s counting). A warm woody and cosy location. This is what this scent is all about. 

In 2016 this scent started life as "The Home Candle" and in 2020 was formulated as "By the Fire at No.12 Highgrove Court". Now we have worked into this scent to create a warmer, more resinous experience to create a cosy peaceful environment. 

Head Notes 

The first note you get here bright, sweet, piney, lemony & woodsy scent of calming Ecuadorian Palo Santo. Ethically sourced from naturally fallen trees. 

Heart notes 

The deep woody scent of Sandalwood with its smoky mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet accents. Backed by Black Spruce with a fresh-balsamic, oily-sweet coniferous aroma, with a fruity-resinous undertone.

Foot Notes 

The fragrance sits on steam distilled Benzoin from the gum Benjamin tree, native to Indonesia. Its aroma is a treat for the senses, with notes of vanilla and hints of cinnamon with a glimmer of a balsamic undertone. Benzoin pairs nicely with the earthy, woody, piney, balsamic and soft, sweet, and citrusy fresh fieriness of the proven psychoactive antidepressant Frankincense.